• Our legacy: wilderness forever

    Founded in 1981, the vision of Lapalala was a combination of a sustainable conservation initiative and a groundbreaking youth environmental education project emphasising the interconnectedness of man and nature and delivering lasting benefits for both Welcome to Lapalala
  • An ideal location for filming of feature films, advertisements and product launches.

    Lapalala Wilderness offers a diverse array of African wildlife and breathtaking landscapes of mountains, rivers, bushveld and open savannah More about film locations at Lapalala

Stay at Lapalala

  • Participate in Africa’s finest sustainable conservation initiative

    Like-minded individuals with a keen interest in conservation are invited to participate in this remarkable and exciting venture, by taking part in our custodian programme or by supporting our Foundation. Lapalala Wilderness is the first off-grid, sustainable Big Five private protected area of its size. A large portion of the reserve will be maintained as a wilderness area free of man-made structures Lapalala Custodian Programme Lapalala Foundation

    Our legacy

    Wilderness forever

    Our vision An exceptional conservation legacy. To conserve the biodiversity, ecological integrity, landscape characteristics and cultural resources of Lapalala Wilderness Nature Reserve for posterity in a manner that balances its environmental, economic and social imperatives as an icon of the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve for the benefit of its members, neighbouring communities and other key stakeholders.

    1. Priorities

    2. Conservation Management
    3. Wildlife Protection
    4. Community Development & Education : Human Capital, Governance & Livelihoods Support
    5. Commerce: small business opportunities for conservation management & tourism
    6. Sustainable Tourism
    1. Our values

    2. Integrity
    3. Professionalism
    4. Dignity and respect
    5. Leadership
    6. Responsible stewardship
    7. Transparency
    8. Innovation
    9. Passion and inspiration
    1. Our culture

    2. Accountability
    3. Dedicated work ethic
    4. Continuous improvement
    5. Collaboration
    6. Open communication
    7. Conservation ethic
    8. Empowering
    9. Inspiring
    10. Nurturing